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Below is a summary of the services offered by the Service-Learning Program at Boise State University.

Faculty Support

Kara Brascia consulting with faculty

Program Director Kara Brascia consulting with faculty at the Summer Course Design Institute

Faculty who teach with service-learning express increased student participation and deeper retention of course material, and new opportunities for research and publication. Services to faculty include:

  • One-on-one consultation with SL Faculty Liaison
  • Established community partnerships & assistance in developing new partnerships (including site visits to community organizations)
  • Sample syllabi and discipline-specific resources
  • Faculty development workshops
  • Mini-grants and travel funds
  • Custom online system to manage SL partnerships and projects
  • Networking luncheons to meet with community partners
  • Collaboration on grants, papers, presentations

Student Support

Service-Learning provides what today’s students are looking for: applied learning experiences, job networking, and personal relevance to their coursework. Services to students include:

Jillana Finnegan awarding Best of Show

SL staff awarding “Best of Show” to students at the SL Poster Exhibition 

  • Personal support to students in class and onsite
  • Online project registration and evaluations
  • Handouts to guide student-initiated projects
  • Work-study jobs with community organizations
  • Leadership opportunities, training, and jobs
  • Evaluations and focus groups to empower students’ voices
  • Transcript notation for service-learning
  • Recognition events and awards
  • Information on local, national, and international service opportunities

Community Partnerships

Local agencies and nonprofit organizations gain a steady volunteer pool, access to potential employees, a base of future community support, and an influx of student idealism and enthusiasm. Services to agencies include:

Faith Beyer Hansen talking to community partner

SL staff connecting with a Community Partner at the SL Exhibition & Faculty/Community Partner Mixer

  • SL staff focused solely on community partner support
  • Help in identifying potential faculty partners
  • SL staff site visits and orientations for agency staff
  • Help developing systems for orientating, scheduling, tracking and evaluating students
  • Forms and checklists to facilitate partnerships and logistics
  • Monthly check-ins and on-going troubleshooting
  • Networking luncheons to meet faculty
  • Community-Based Teaching Assistants to help support students on site, relieving pressure on agency staff
  • Website for posting projects, accessing student rosters, and evaluating students