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Going International

Applying service and service-learning to an international context holds many of the same advantages of applying it locally, but it impacts students at a deeper level simply because the cultural differences between those serving and those being served can be more extreme than in a local community.

Surrounded by another culture and focusing on the needs of the local people can expose students to a greater depth of social, cultural and economic issues in their host country.
— From Promising Practices of International Service and Service-learning, North Carolina Campus Compact. 2005.

Opportunities in International Service

  • Faculty: Design your own Trip: Steps and process to create your own international SL trip.
    **Design with Fair Trade Learning concepts in mind.***
  • Students: Join Established Trips: Links to organizations that already have established international SL trips
    • Serve in Bangalore, India!  The Bangalore program offers a unique opportunity to experience Indian culture and society through the Center for Social Action (CSA).

    • International Studies Abroad: The service learning and internship division of International Studies Abroad (ISA), was founded in 2002 as a way to encourage college students to go abroad, contribute to community development, and experience direct interaction with local communities. ELAP offers structured internship and service learning opportunities year-round, in a variety of fields, yielding valuable personal and professional experience. Programs are offered in the following countries: Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, England, Morocco, Peru, South Korea, and Spain.
  • Partner with Refugee Organizations: Ideas and steps to create SL projects which focus on working with refugee organizations