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Design Your Service-Learning Course

Whether you would like to brainstorm ideas for service-learning (SL) or start planning your course, below is an outline of recommended steps and dates to keep in mind. The SL staff can assist you through the entire planning and implementation process before designing your SL course.

Before designing your SL course…

  1. Investigate SL (definition, examples, formats, etc.)
  2. Review the checklist to see what’s involved
  3. Access staff support
    • Contact the SL Director, Kara Brascia, to discuss what SL could look like in your course, what’s involved, and how SL staff can assist.


Ready to design your course?

  1. Develop your syllabus
  2. Apply for SL Designation
    • complete the form and submit it to the SL Director before students register
  3. Connect with agencies


Before launching…

  1. Skim the crucial steps for success
  2. Plan how you will explain SL to students
  3. Participate in SL workshops and events during the year
  4. Think about risk, safety, and contract requirements (call SL staff, who know all about these things)


FYI: full faculty video playlist