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Service-Learning Designation Process

Printer Friendly Version of the Five Criteria Planning Document


To apply for SL designation, send the following documents to the Service-Learning Director (

  • One page document detailing how your class will meet each of the five SL criteria (see below, Step 1)
  • Current syllabus reflecting the Service-Learning pedagogy (see below, Step 2)

The SL faculty committee will review applications on a rolling basis.

Step 1—Describe how you will integrate Service-Learning into your class

Sample responses to SL Criteria

COMM 351 – Intercultural Communication
PSYC 419- Multi-Cultural Perspectives on Children and Families
NONPROF 240 – Nonprofit Management
MSE 245 – Introduction to Material Science

Step 2—Prepare your syllabus

  • Prepare your syllabus drawing from your “Five Critiera” responses. SL designation requires the following components:
  • A description of why you are using service-learning in the course, and what students will gain/learn
  • A brief explanation about SL (many faculty use the definition at What Is SL?)
  • SL assignments and evaluation criteria
  • Tips or benchmarks to keep students on track, if needed

Sample syllabi


Step 3—Submit your documentation for approval

  • Send your documentation to the Service-Learning Director who will distribute to the faculty review committee for approval (email 426-2380)
  • See this link for a more detailed explanation of the approval process.

Step 4 (optional)—Consult with the SL staff for additional assistance

  • Once a class has been designated as SL, consult with the Service-Learning staff for assistance with the next steps:
  • Identifying community organizations and negotiating the partnerships
  • Deciding what forms and agreements you will use with your students and community partners
  • Arranging for classroom and logistical support with the Service-Learning staff


Approval Process

The faculty member, with the consultation of the Service-Learning Director, develops a brief course proposal according to the outline. The Service-Learning Director and faculty from the SL Advisory Board review the proposal for consistency with national guidelines and philosophy of Service-Learning, and makes a recommendation for designation as a legitimate Service-Learning experience.

Every semester the SL Director sends the Registrar a list of designated SL courses. Registrar staff add a note to Broncoweb course records indicating the class includes Service-Learning. This note is reflected on student transcripts.

For SL Labs only: When a new one-credit course (SL Lab) is being created, the instructor’s proposal and the recommendation from the SL Director and faculty committee will be forwarded to the department chair who will make a recommendation concerning whether the course should receive Service-Learning designation. The proposal will then be forwarded to the dean. The dean will make the final determination whether the new course should be created and receive Service-Learning designation. This process is facilitated by the Service-Learning Director.

– Approved by the Board of Education Fall 1998.