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Directions for getting a SL transcript distinction (for optional SL)

New for Fall 2017: Students can sign up for a transcript distinction if they are in a class that offers a service-learning option (see SL Course List for optional classes).  To get the distinction, students should register for the course’s O-credit “Service-Learning Experience” (same class number plus a “SO” e.g. B2C 297SO), just like students would register for normal class. Students will have until the end of the 5th week to register, and no additional cost or credit is accrued.

Detailed directions:

To register for a transcript distinction for your SL, navigate to your Student Center and Enroll in the “SO” SL experience.


Click the “Enroll” link on the left side of the Student Center page.

Select the correct term.


Select the correct term

Select “Class Search” and click the “search” button


Search for class

Enter the course’s department and then the course number adding “SO” to the end of it, for example, B2C 297SO indicated in the picture below:


Search for your class adding SO as the suffix.

After clicking search, note that the returned course matches your “parent” course. Click the “Select” button of the course to register.


Confirm that the course matches the “parent” course.

Click “Next” to enroll in the course



Confirm class and click “Next”

After you click “Next” the screen will allow you to review your selection. Click “Proceed to Step 2 of 3” to advance.

Select “Finish Enrolling” to process your optional Service-Learning course registration. After this step, check with your faculty member to determine the next steps to begin your Service-Learning experience.


Select “Finish Enrolling” to process your request for the classes listed


You can register for the “SO” course ONLY if you are already registered for the “parent” class.


This is the message you’ll receive if you have not already registered for the “parent ” class.